SolutionsITW provides software solutions for the retail thrift industry, including custom support for donated goods management. Their Solutions Donated Goods Management System (DGMS) includes tools for POS, donations, inventory management, and reporting. The DGMS is designed specifically for Goodwill and can help improve sales, reduce training time, and aid employee improvement.

How Clutch Works With


Clutch partners with SolutionsITW, a provider of specialized point-of-sale systems tailored for Goodwill organizations, to deliver a comprehensive solution to Goodwill franchisees. This collaboration integrates Clutch’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), loyalty management, offer management, marketing orchestration, and gift card solutions into the SolutionsITW POS system. This integration allows Goodwill stores to leverage these advanced tools to create and manage end-to-end loyalty programs. By utilizing the Clutch toolset through SolutionsITW's system, Goodwill teams can enhance their marketing efforts, increasing average order values and lifetime customer value through targeted customer engagement and rewards programs.
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