Totus Gift Card Management LLC develops and oversees gift card programs for various brands. Totus closely collaborates with key partners to implement comprehensive, multi-channel gift card solutions and by doing so, Totus enables brands to leverage the benefits of gift cards while mitigating associated risks and reducing overhead. Brands work with them to manage all aspects of the gift card lifecycle, including legal and regulatory compliance, processing, card production, and distribution across multiple sales channels.

How Clutch Works With


Totus and Clutch collaborate strategically, with Clutch providing the essential processing engine for all of Totus's gift card programs. This partnership allows Totus to focus on full-service management of gift card services while leveraging Clutch's robust backend technologies. Together, our partnership delivers a comprehensive gift card solution that includes card design, distribution, and customer management. This collaboration enhances operational efficiencies, expands market reach, and offers clients a seamless and integrated gift card experience.
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