UTC Retail is a full-service store solutions supplier to the specialty retail marketplace. UTC offers advanced enterprise Point-Of-Sale solutions that provide a seamless experience where stores and customers meet. Offering a suite of connected store solutions, including software, hardware, and services, UTC gives brands the ability to thrive in the ever-changing retail climate.

How Clutch Works With

UTC Retail

Clutch partners with UTC Retail, a provider of retail-specific point of sale (POS) systems, by integrating its technology and modules seamlessly with UTC Retail's platform. This integration enables real-time transaction data from UTC Retail's POS system to be directly linked with Clutch's advanced technologies, including customer data management, loyalty programs, and marketing tools. As a result, retailers using UTC Retail can leverage this connected data to enhance customer interactions and personalize their marketing efforts more effectively. This full integration ensures that customers can maximize the potential of Clutch's offerings, improving customer engagement and driving sales through more precise and timely insights.
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