CPG Brand Wins Award for Innovative Loyalty Strategy

Nationally Recognized Pet supply brand partnered with Clutch to implement an award-winning loyalty program
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Nationally Recognized Pet supply brand partnered with Clutch to implement an award-winning loyalty program
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Facing a lack of data and insight and a fragmented customer process, a national pet supply brand needed to find a way to revamp their customer loyalty program

After implementing Clutch, they uncovered  ways to engage new and old customers alike

In the highly competitive pet food industry, one national brand stands out by breaking new ground. Using the power of direct customer connections, they have transformed their approach to customer loyalty.



  • The pet food market is a crowded space, with brands vying for the loyalty of discerning pet owners.
  • Pet parents, who prioritize transparency and quality in pet food products, present a significant market potential.
  • However, engaging pet parents beyond the initial "puppy stage" can be challenging. A study suggests that brand loyalty drops by 20% after this stage.


To navigate these challenges, the brand implemented an innovative loyalty program:

  • This award-winning program uses technology and creative thinking to forge authentic, meaningful connections with pet parents.
  • By harnessing customer data, the brand is able to understand pet parents' needs and preferences, thereby personalizing their experiences and enhancing customer loyalty.


This data-driven approach to customer loyalty has yielded impressive results:

  • The brand has successfully maintained engagement with pet parents beyond the puppy stage, resulting in long-term customer loyalty.
  • The personalized experiences offered by the program have resonated with pet parents, leading to an increase in customer engagement. In fact, the brand has seen a 30% increase in customer engagement since the program's inception.


In the face of stiff competition in the pet food industry, this brand's innovative approach to customer loyalty serves as a beacon for others. By understanding and responding to pet parents' preferences, and providing them with personalized support, the brand has managed to build lasting connections with its customers. This case study underscores the potential of customer loyalty programs in fostering enduring customer relationships and achieving market success.

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