Global Pastry Chain Takes Their Loyalty Program to the Next Level with Clutch

A global pastry chain levels up their loyalty program by analyzing real-time reporting and creating a more personalized experience that drove higher ROI
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Top Challenges
A lack of reporting and data visibility led to an existing loyalty program that lacked customizability. The generic program led to underwhelming profits and customer engagement. Now our customer is faced with questions- how can they increase engagement of their loyalty program? How can they drive more revenues while simultaneously cutting costs? How can they create a reporting system that allows them to monitor their campaigns regularly?
Why Clutch
In response to the growing demand for a more cost efficient promotional and loyalty program, a popular pastry chain recognized the imperative of adopting a platform that would enable them to seamlessly manage and optimize their promotions, enhance customer loyalty, and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market. With Clutch, they were able to make real strides in improving the bottom line without impacting the customer experience.
Increase in ROI
in operational savings from loyalty programs
reduction in costs despite increase in revenues from program

Faced with a realization of revenue loss and the need for program optimization, the chain embarked on a transformative journey to redefine their loyalty approach. Seeking to move beyond traditional points and punches, the partnership with Clutch aimed at creating a more personalized and efficient loyalty program. This case study explores how the implementation of a tiered reward system, driven by behavioral analytics and a profound understanding of customer motivation, not only salvaged over $4 million in savings but also revolutionized the brand's profitability without compromising the customer experience.


This company had devised a very popular campaign that rewarded their loyal customers on their birthday. However, due to a lack of real-time data the program was being run in the blind without a true understanding of success. This chain needed to accomplish 2 things- setup a better system for reporting, and learn how to optimize their loyalty program that was quickly becoming a fan favorite.


The global chain decided to form a Strategic Partnership with Clutch which allowed them to leverage advanced analytics and technology-driven insights. They then conducted a thorough assessment of the existing loyalty program to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement.

After the analysis they implemented a tiered reward system designed to offer personalized incentives and rewards based on individual customer behavior and preferences. This crafted a more personalized approach to reward customers based on their unique preferences and loyalty patterns. Not only did they create a more effecient program that simultaneously increased customer engagement while reducing costs, they established a framework for continuous monitoring and adaptation, ensuring the loyalty program remains agile and responsive to evolving customer needs and market dynamics.


  • Revenue Growth: Realized substantial financial gains with an impressive 80% increase in return on investment (ROI), resulting in over $4 million in savings for the global pastry chain.
  • Improved Profitability: Boosted overall profitability by streamlining the loyalty program structure and aligning it with customer expectations and preferences.
  • Cost Reduction: Successfully reduced operational expenses through a more cost-efficient loyalty program, achieving enhanced financial efficiency without compromising customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Increased customer engagement by offering personalized incentives, ensuring that the loyalty program resonated with individual preferences and behaviors.
  • Maintained Customer Excitement: Ensured that the loyalty program adjustments did not impact customer excitement or experience, preserving the positive brand perception and customer satisfaction levels.


The collaboration between the global pastry chain and Clutch loyalty technology redefined their loyalty program, addressing financial challenges and outdated structures. The introduction of a tiered reward system, informed by behavioral analytics, resulted in an impressive 40% increase in ROI, saving over $4 million. This financial success was achieved alongside cost reduction and increased profitability, all while preserving a positive customer experience. The case study highlights the pivotal shift from a transactional loyalty approach to a dynamic, personalized strategy, offering a roadmap for sustained growth, customer engagement, and operational excellence in a competitive market.


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