Driving Loyalty Forward: VIP Auto's Road to Cultivating Loyal Customers

This case study explores the successful partnership between Clutch, a leading loyalty technology provider, and VIP Auto, an automotive services brand with 65 locations. Together, they launched a custom loyalty program leveraging points, cashback, and coupons to solidify VIP Auto’s mission of gaining lifelong customers.
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Auburn, Maine
Top Challenges
VIP Auto's primary challenge was to convert more first time buyers into repeat customers. To do this they need to find a way to better utilize customer data in order to create more engaging customer experiences.
Why Clutch
VIP Auto chose Clutch for its leading-edge CDP and loyalty management solutions, essential in creating a highly personalized and effective loyalty program. The brand needed technology that could intricately understand and segment customer data, enabling tailored rewards that resonate with each customer's preferences and behaviors.
Of total transactions are from Loyalty members
Increase in average spend for Loyal Cusotmers vs Non-Loyal Members
Increase in average lifetime value of Loyal Customers vs Non-Loyal Members

VIP Auto, with its extensive network of service locations, sought to enhance its customer retention rates and overall satisfaction. Clutch, known for its robust CDP and loyalty management modules, was the chosen partner to bring VIP Auto’s vision of a loyalty rewards program to life. The program was designed to offer tangible benefits to customers, thereby ensuring repeat business and fostering a strong brand connection.


VIP Auto faced the challenge of distinguishing itself in a crowded market where price and convenience often dictate consumer choices. The brand realized quickly that they needed a strategy to incentivize repeat visits and create a sense of belonging among its customers. To create this sense of belonging as well as to better personalize the customer experience, VIP Auto needed the ability to better leverage customer data.


Clutch provided the solution with its CDP and loyalty management modules, enabling VIP Auto to launch a tailored loyalty program. The program was designed around Points, Cashback, and Coupons, offering clear, value-driven rewards for loyal customers. Customers could earn points through specific actions:

  • Two oil changes plus one state inspection in a 12-month period in Maine, Vermont, or New Hampshire would earn 600 points.
  • Two oil changes in a 12-month period in Massachusetts would earn 500 points.

These points could then be translated into dollar discounts on future purchases, directly linking loyalty with financial rewards. Notably, the program was exclusive to individual customers, excluding wholesale or fleet accounts, to focus on building personal customer relationships.


The implementation of the loyalty program saw:

Increased Customer Retention: VIP Auto saw a marked increase in repeat visits from customers participating in the loyalty program.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: The tangible rewards system led to higher customer satisfaction rates, as participants felt valued and recognized.

Data-Driven Personalization: Utilizing Clutch’s CDP, VIP Auto was able to gather insights into customer behavior, enabling more personalized communication and service offerings.



The partnership between Clutch and VIP Auto showcases the power of a well-structured loyalty program in cultivating lasting customer relationships. By offering a program that rewards customers for their loyalty with direct financial benefits, VIP Auto has not only enhanced its customer retention rates but also established a stronger emotional connection with its customer base. This case study underscores the importance of leveraging technology and data to understand and reward customer loyalty, proving that with the right approach, businesses can indeed gain a customer for life.

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