Elevating Style and Gifting: A Fashion Retailer's Tailored Gift Card Experience Powered by Shopify+ and Clutch

This case study explores how a leading fashion retailer strategically crafted a tailored gift card program, in collaboration with Clutch, an integrated Shopify partner, to elevate customer engagement and expand the reach of their gifting initiatives.
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Top Challenges
Our client needed an omni-channel gift card solution that allowed for a seamless transaction experience between their network of brick & mortar locations and their e-commerce platform
Why Clutch
In a collaborative effort, a leading fashion retailer joined forces with Clutch, an integrated Shopify partner, to create an innovative gift card program aimed at enhancing customer engagement.
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Explore the strategic collaboration between A leading fashion retailer, Clutch, and Shopify in developing an innovative gift card program.

This case study delves into how the initiative extends brand awareness, gathers customer data, and expands the distribution channels, becoming a catalyst for revenue growth within our client's fashion-forward landscape. Clutch, an integrated Shopify partner was able to support our client's omni-channel needs. This leading fashion retailer has now found large amounts of success in providing their customers with a seamless e-commerce gift card experience.



The primary challenge revolved around developing a comprehensive omni-channel gift card solution that could seamlessly integrate into their Shopify+ E-commerce platform on a global scale. The solution needed to be robust and versatile, capable of supporting multiple currencies to cater to our client’s expansive international customer base. This requirement was crucial for enhancing the brand's global reach and ensuring customer satisfaction across diverse markets. The complexity of the challenge lay not only in the technical aspects of implementing such a system but also in navigating the varied regulatory, currency fluctuation, and operational issues associated with managing financial transactions in different countries. This necessitated a solution that was both flexible and scalable, allowing for easy adaptation to the distinct needs of each market while maintaining a consistent and user-friendly experience for customers worldwide.


Clutch's gift card platform provided a tailored solution to our client's challenge by offering an omni-channel system capable of handling multiple currencies (USD, MXN, GBP, CAD, EURO). This platform seamlessly integrated with the company's existing Shopify+ infrastructure, facilitating easy purchasing and redemption of gift cards across different countries. This collaboration between Shopify and Clutch effectively expanded customer engagement and boosted the brand's international presence.


The implementation of Clutch's gift card program for this fashion retailer yielded strong impact, notably in increasing order values, boosting active brand engagement, and enhancing brand awareness. Customers, enticed by the convenience and versatility of the gift cards, tended to spend more than the card's value, thereby increasing the average order size. This effect was amplified by the ability to redeem the cards regardless of geographical location, which improved customer experience. The ease of use and flexibility of the gift card system fostered a more active and positive engagement with the our client's brand. Furthermore, the widespread availability and utility of the gift cards, raised brand awareness, attracted new customers and reinforced loyalty among existing ones. This comprehensive approach not only enhanced the immediate shopping experience but also strategically positioned our client as a customer-centric brand in the global market.


The collaboration between this high-end fashion retailer, Clutch, and Shopify+ in implementing an innovative omni-channel gift card program proved to be a resounding success. This strategic initiative not only addressed the technical and operational complexities of managing a global, multi-currency gift card system but also significantly enhanced customer engagement and brand loyalty. The increased order values, improved brand awareness, and the seamless redemption process across various locations underscored the program's effectiveness in meeting the evolving needs of the global consumer base. This case study demonstrates how integrating customer-centric solutions with strategic partnerships can lead to substantial business growth and a stronger market presence.

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